Club News – January 2023


Good evening. 

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our upcoming February and March meetings at the Mountain View Barn, Jerome Id, 392 E, 300 S, starting in just two weeks from tomorrow. 

February 7, Tuesday, Fly Tying Evening, 5-9 pm. 

February 21, Tuesday, Monthly General Meeting 5-9 pm. with speaker presentations on fly fishing tactics & techniques, tying fish fooling flies, fisheries & conservation discussions, club activities in planning and more. 

March 7, Tuesday, Fly Tying Evening, 5-9 pm. 

March 21, Tuesday, Monthly General Meeting 5-9 pm. with speaker presentations on fly fishing tactics & techniques, tying fish fooling flies, fisheries & conservation discussions, club activities in planning and more. 

Fly Tying Evenings will now begin again on a regular basis so we can urge each other to get more into our boxes and help the new folks that have been asking us how they can begin. 

New tiers wanting help and instruction need to call the number below by Feb 4, Saturday so we have the tools and materials set up and ready for your new addictive pastime building fish fooling bugs and baitfish. There’s lots on YouTube, but you have to start with your hands on the vise and bobbin! 

Experienced tiers- bring your travel tying outfits, show your tricks and techniques and swap materials and lies—I mean info!! The materials and information exchange builds fun and knowledge because we can see and feel how it’s done up close and personal in this hands on hobby. 

During this first tying meeting we will get your input and discuss what else you want and we can do in upcoming tying sessions in this lifelong learning process. 

Also: For the first fly tying evenings the Barn’s café will not be open. You may bring your own Mc-Whatever. 

Monthly General Meetings are now being planned with details on each to follow as we get them. The Board is currently working to get interesting and informative speakers and presentations on a wide range of fly fishing, tying, fisheries and other topics in Idaho and beyond that are relevant to all our fly fishing pursuits. 

If you know of Southern Idaho folks that are interesting fly fishers and/or are involved in fisheries, riparian habitat, access or other related segments of our fly fishing sport, please call, text or email us their contact information so we can be in touch to see if we can schedule something with MVFF. 

March 24, Friday, & Saturday, March 25-East Idaho Fly Tying Expo in Idaho Falls. Mark your calendars and plan on meeting a bunch of us up there for the next great Snake River Cutthroats Expo. Several of our best MVFF tyers are on the schedule to demonstration tie at this show that is one of the best in the western states. See Bruce Staples Snake River Cutthroats info on the web. 

MVFF Board Meeting, Thursday, January 19 Highlights. “Now we just get out and do it!” sums it up! 


All on the board are enthusiastic that our club is healthy and continuing to Preserve, Protect, Promote and Enhance the sport of fly fishing with all its facets and do likewise for the resources, waters and fisheries that allow it to prosper. Our involvement in the Rock Creek Project, work with IDFG, Twin Falls Canal Co., CSI Aquaculture, the new Jerome Snake River Park Project, and other projects will proceed as we get more of YOU working with us Board folks and we obtain the newest information on these evolving projects and how we fit in. 


A calendar of fishing days and destinations is in production and will be sent out soon to get all on board and out fishing. Days and locations will be in keeping with the unanimous consensus that family & kids coming and learning has been, and must continue, as a foundation of MVFF’s education duty and community commitment. 

Set the fish-out and publish it ahead for members to commit and go. If you go fish it, they will come!! 

Dues & Membership: 

The January 1 to December 31 calendar year remains our dues cycle. Our $35 family dues remain the same and are payable online through March 2023 on our current website. You may also pay by check to our P.O. Box 1037 Twin Falls Id. 83303, or at meetings by cash, check or plastic on our new Square card reader. To encourage all ages to enjoy our sport, a family can include grand kids, or even great-grand-kids for us really old folks. (: They will then get their parents to join and come out too! The nurturing by a family member builds lifelong fly fishing memories and our next generations of fly fishers. 

Thank you to all of you that have paid as we are now at 50 members and climbing back toward our old numbers! Our roster is in update mode and this will continue as time and new membership persons add their expertise to the process. We will continue to collect data for this process at monthly meetings so we can have everyone’s mailing addresses again. We may need to mail you items like membership cards to facilitate discounts and access to more club associated activities. Please be sure to send us any phone or email address changes as those will remain our primary access to you. 

To simplify our processes, we are evaluating separating membership drive dues payments from fundraising & special event fees for entrance or meals at future activities. This will avoid double payments on dues and make tracking membership & event management easier. More on this as it evolves. 

More information, updates and our new president James Harper’s message will follow soon. 

Thank you all for your support and active participation in your club. 

Please call, text or email us anytime. 

Bryan Woodhouse, Secretary & Past President-2023, 208-934-6405 

Fred Schneiter, Vice President, Fly Tying & Fish-Outs, 2023, 208-969-1971