Reply To: June 12, 2020 restart, updates and ongoing dialogues.

June 12, 2020 at 1:21 pm #1283
Bryan Woodhouse

I am learning the in’s and out’s of this thing as it is improving too, so please throw me a mend if I mess stuff up; but let me know and we’ll do it better.

There are a lot of fixes and changes coming soon for needed functionality like getting SUBMIT boxes moved off the top of the I’M NOT A ROBOT-Captcha box. For now if you find things like that when you need to reset your password, move your cursor close to the item and click and watch to see a change, then click the submit box and it does work.
Also look closely at the top of your posts for your activity options including EDIT.
That way you can add content to a previous post as well as just post a reply to your post to add.
Post new or replies here on all other things like this and we can all be debuggers and get this site the way we want it ASAP. It’s worth fixing and our Support Team at Rinard Media are super in helping if they have a clear picture of what’s wrong and where we want to make changes to make this more user and club friendly.
Please sign your posts too as I’m still slow at learning user names and we need that too in other forums to get back to you. More on that soon.
Thanks, Bryan