Our Ongoing Swaps, Wants and Got-Too-Many Section.

  • June 12, 2020 at 1:40 pm #1284
    Bryan Woodhouse

    As I said in the Casts & Blasts, let’s keep it to fly fishing, camping, transport to there and related stuff. Not business, houses, etc.
    Tying stuff can be in that section.
    I know Mike has had some great stuff like a Fat-Cat U-boat and other goodies he posted on Facebook, so now we can put them here too.
    Scott told me he needs a good deal on fins as his U-boat is too slow without them!!
    I need a late model pickup in really good shape really cheeeeeeeeep! Or I’ll never get out fishing. A class-c camper could work too.
    Don has wanted to do a swap-night/weekend for a long time so now he can start that here too.
    Go for it, Bryan.

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