Magic Valley Fly Fishers February 28, 2021 Update 

A super sunny Sunday afternoon of a final frigid February 2021 morning to you all as our weather’s hopefully warming with the fish finally feeding frequently!

First:  Thank you to the 35+ folks that let me know you want to stay in the club in response to my January 1st request. Please: no one join or renew now until we send new instructions as the website is being rebuilt and won’t take payments right now and membership tracking is evolving. We hope you will all participate and we’ll deal with dues downstream. Our club is solvent, alive and well although just beginning to emerge from our winter (and other) hibernation. It’s hard to believe it is one year and two weeks since we last got together at our February 15, 2020 banquet at the Barn.  We will work hard to do more in this new & better year.

Second:  Our opening spring 2021 meeting is outside on the patio at the Mountain View Barn, 392 E,  
300 S, Jerome, on our regular third Wednesday, March 17, 4:30 to 7:00, that is luckily St. Patrick’s Day. Nina is cooking up Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Stew and Burgers. YUM! A nice day is forecast with sunrise and sunset both at 6:47 with a light breeze.  Meeting outside allows us to begin activities more safely and chart our new course for 2021 and beyond.  Please RSVP to me if you can for planning, but this is an open event day at the Barn and there will be lots of goodies so come when you can, we want to see you again!

Third:  Our April meeting is a new fun family & friends Saturday, 4-17-21, 9-3 event.  We will have all the lawn and patio area and their great food and drinks for breakfast and lunch, again at the Mountain View Barn. There will be fly casting, tying, telling tall tales and showing all our pastime paraphernalia to the kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, family, friends and fly fishing folks we haven’t met yet.  Nina is excited to have us and we have been wanting new weekend adventures to build back our family focus for future fun fly fishing functions.  Please mark your calendars and bring your family and friends of all ages, especially those wanting to get into fly fishing, to this mid-April Saturday event.  Continue to watch our website, Facebook and your e-mails for more details. Please call me with your ideas on this, especially if you will help with the casting, tie some flies & share materials, bring your float tubes, u boats, drift boats, kayaks and show all your skills the folks want to see as we all get excited about our upcoming fly fishing season. If we get enough interest and support and the weather cooperates, we will do basic casting and tying instruction with the new folks young and not-so, and maybe even have the long talked about fly fishing & tying gear swap-meet too.  Let’s do it!!


Please Note: 

Even with all the above outside, please wear a good fitting mask properly when not eating and maintain functional distancing to maximize everyone’s safe fun during this time of continuing potential exposure. Things are improving but we’re not able to let our guard down any time soon. We all want to do this restart properly so we can enjoy fly tying and fly fishing in our new normal as soon as possible and for the foreseeable future.  Please help us do this safely.

A few club business bullets.  More soon in separate e-mails.
  • Officers and Board Members and the following at a minimum are required NOW:
    • Leaders/Teams for Website, Membership, Conservation/Projects, Events & Meetings, Liaison/PR.
      • What you smell is my burning out and melting down. No preview available. It scares the fish.
    • An Advisory Team of seasoned and new members is critically needed for direction, detail and focus.
Please respond by reply, e-mail directly, text or voice for RSVPs and all your input, anytime.
Or tell me when we see each other at Fred Meyer, Costco or Smith’s like we have over this last year!!
Bryan Woodhouse, Acting?-President & Secretary-2021     208-934-6405