Magic Valley Fly Fishers October 8, 2020 Update

Good Evening.
Our Wednesday October 21 club meeting is canceled as are all meetings until Spring 2021.

All current data and indicators show no good safe path for us this fall and winter.
The consensus of our officers, board, and members that have given their input is to
bank our fires, minimize our expenses, and keep our group meetings, dinners and indoor activities mothballed until March of 2021 to then see what kind of a schedule we can safely begin again.
If conditions change markedly for the better before then, we will reevaluate.
If fish-outs or other outdoor activities present themselves, we will plan the event, send out notices, sign up RSVPs and hold the event if enough folks sign up to attend.

Yearly Election
No one responded during this month of soliciting new candidates for officers and board members nor were any new ideas or comments received concerning our fall and winter operations.

Given all the above, our slate as shown here will steward this club through this highly unusual COVID-19 fall and winter of 2020/2021. All your input continues to be strongly encouraged.

I will continue as President and Secretary at least until spring.
Vice President is open.
Greg Edgar has agreed to stay on as Treasurer.
Tom Courtney, Fred Schneiter, Mike Eveleth, and Steve Hoy have agreed to stay on the board. We greatly thank all those that have served in both the recent and distant past for all they have done to keep Magic Valley Fly Fishers alive and fishing well wherever and whenever we can.

Please re-read as necessary my previous updates sent to you and posted on our website for the evolution of this process in the previous months of 2020.

Thank you all for your support, interest, and help. Some of the projects and ongoing activities of our group continue in modified form and I will send you info on these by request as they slowly move into this upcoming new reality. Call me anytime.

Fish hard and stay safe.
Bryan S. Woodhouse, President & Secretary, MVFF-2020-2021 208-934-6405