Magic Valley Fly Fishers Update, Sunday January 9, 2022

Super new sunny Sunday Twenty, Twenty-Two.

Important Highlights.

Our general meeting scheduled for Wednesday January 19 is canceled due to the cumulative negative impacts of the ongoing health safety concerns on in person meetings with presentations.

We will again evaluate our ability to hold our February meeting scheduled for 2/16/22 and will update you the first week in February.

The following people are the only volunteers for our officers and board members after five months of requesting. They were installed for 2022 at our joint board and history team meeting on December 14.

“Acting President & Secretary”-Bryan Woodhouse

Vice President-Open

Treasurer-Greg Edgar

Board of Directors-Mike Eveleth, Bob Forster, Steve Hoy, Dan Roper, Fred Schneiter, Tug Worst.

A request for officers, board members and team members will now become a “standing open request” until we have enough folks helping. Please contact me, Tug Worst, or any of the board if you can join us to help do some work for your club now and in the future.

The board emphasized that all board meetings must be updates and voting on motions brought to the board by team leaders pertaining to the work their team has accomplished. Right now, the officers and board ARE the teams & captains doing 99% of the work and need leaders and team members to do the work and submit reports on that WORK.  We need help on: Anniversary party; Membership; Monthly Meetings & Speakers; Fundraising, Scholarships & Communications; Work and Capital Projects; Teaching, Training, Clinics; to name a few.

Please pay your dues on-line or by check to the mailbox and help us succeed. We need YOU!

The planning and preliminary steps are going well for our anniversary on Sat. April 30, 2022.

The History Team is progressing well and will be doing final steps next week to begin the oral interviewing.

“Meet us for some winter fly fishing” days will be planned, scheduled and posted in the next weeks as weather, access and time permit.

Finally:  Please know that I and all our members wish the best for you all in these difficult times.  Way too many of us are dealing with losses, serious medical, family and work issues from widely different causes, and face uncertain and burdensome months ahead.  We all want to meet again in person as soon as it makes sense. Our club is strong and so are we!

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

Stay safe, furiously fling fantastic fish fooling flies, and call me anytime.