Magic Valley Fly Fishers Wednesday February 2, 2022. Update

Magic Valley Fly Fishers Wednesday February 2, 2022. Update.
Good morning Magic Valley Fly Fishers.

Important Highlights:
Our general meeting scheduled for Wednesday February 16 is canceled due to the current area
infection rate of over 35% accelerating the ongoing health safety concerns on in person meetings
with presentations. This period is surpassing all previous surges since this medical emergency
began 23 months ago. We all must take every precaution we can to not infect ourselves, family
and friends with underlying conditions, in recovery, or awaiting medical procedures that would
be seriously compromised by an infection at this time.

We will again evaluate our ability to hold our March meeting scheduled for 3/16/22 and will
update you the first week in March.

We are moving ahead well with our work on our Saturday, April 30, 50th year anniversary day at
the Barn and with our MVFF History Project. Thanks to those of you that have said you would
help. We are working on specific things we can have you do with us. I will send out separate
information on these soon.

I have updated most of the “cableone” folks to their new e-mails that I’ve received. If you are
getting forwarded e-mails from them please send me your new one and let any other folks know
to send new ones my way to stay on the mailing list.

We are working on scheduling more fishouts too; when we won’t freeze into our U-boats!

We thank Fred Schneiter for stepping up from being a board member for several years to Acting
Vice President for 2022. Fred has been working hard to help us with all the pieces of these
projects moving forward even when we cannot meet regularly.

We thank all of you for staying interested in our club during these difficult times. Stay well, stay
warm, fish lots and call me anytime.