The Magic Valley Fly Fishers work to promote, preserve, protect and enhance fisheries and fly fishing.  MVFF works for the betterment of fly fishing through conservation projects, educational programs, and community activities

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Notes from Bryan

  • Magic Valley Fly Fishers April 3, 2020 Update

    Given the stay at home and stay safe mitigation in place now through the end of April, we will again review our group’s functions the first weekend in May with the probable extension of closures through May.

    This very unfortunate turn of events will clearly invoke changes to our group going forward. The officers and board are asking all of you to send us your ideas on how MVFF should evolve as we all get more information in the weeks ahead.

    We are surely all in this together, separately.
    Thank you for your support.
    Stay safe.
    Our best wishes to you and yours.

    More soon.
    Call/text/e-mail me anytime.
    Bryan 208-934-6405


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The vision of the Magic Valley Fly Fishers is to promote, preserve, protect, and enhance fly fisheries and function exclusively for education and betterment of all fishing and conservation in the Magic Valley and the state of Idaho. MVFF coordinates with governmental agencies, the Idaho Fish and Game, and private land holders to improve and promote fly fishing.

MVFF supports habitat rehabilitation, sustained and improved access to quality local and regional fly fishing waters, and fisheries sciences through yearly grants to Henry’s Fork Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, FFI and our annual scholarship donations to the College of Southern Idaho Foundation aiding aquaculture program students.

Officers and Board Members

President, Secretary
Bryan Woodhouse 208-934-6405 [email protected] or
[email protected]

Vice President
Don Morishita

Greg Edgar 208-404-5088 [email protected]
Past President
Dale Quigley

Board Members

Tom Courtney, Bob Forster, Steve Hoy, Scott Knight, Jake Miller, Thadd Strom, Fred Schneiter


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