The Magic Valley Fly Fishers work to promote, preserve, protect and enhance fly fishing and all our fisheries' resources.  MVFF works for the betterment of fly fishing through conservation projects, educational programs, and community activities

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  • Good Morning Magic Valley Fly Fishers, June 14, 2022

    We will not hold regular indoor monthly meetings June, July or August 2022 just like in the old days and for many reasons, both old and new.  Most notably; we want to be out FLY FISHING. We can hold “tailgate meetings” by the water, drink in hand, in our waders and our u-boats! 

    We do want to do new open fly tying times, casting days, clinics, and lot of other stuff that are all possible if you will get involved.

    Tell us what you want to do and where we can meet up and fish too! 

    Write something about your club and we’ll put it up here also.

    Text or call Bryan-208-934-6405, Fred-208-969-1971, or Mike-208-410-0308. Mike can also help you post info on our Facebook page where we’d like to see more posts on all the above.

    T B D, watch this space and MVFF Fb for what, when, and where in the weeks ahead. 

    September through December are all doable, especially a Christmas Party.

    T B D, watch this space.

    IDFG would like help on the “Take Me Fishing Trailer Days” posted on their site.  Other projects that they want our help on will be posted here also as we are notified.  

    Nothing currently for us to help them with. 

    T B D, watch this space.

    Tug Worst, our board member that grew up in our club, will be working on re-populating the club and board along with Greg Edgar our Treasurer. Greg’s info is on our front page in About Us, and Tug is at Tug Worst and Associates.  Contact them if you will help in 2023, we need you.  I’m off! 

    (I know, you’ve known that for way too many years!! Now’s the time to make the change. Cya!)

    I added the May 9 send-out below to this Club News as it wasn’t posted then.

    Call or text US anytime and more as we I know it.

    Bryan, Fred & Mike.

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The vision of the Magic Valley Fly Fishers is to promote, preserve, protect, and enhance fly fisheries and function exclusively for education and betterment of all fishing and conservation in the Magic Valley and the state of Idaho. MVFF coordinates with governmental agencies, the Idaho Fish and Game, and private land holders to improve and promote fly fishing.

MVFF supports habitat rehabilitation, sustained and improved access to quality local and regional fly fishing waters, and fisheries sciences through yearly grants to Henry's Fork Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, FFI and our annual scholarship donations to the College of Southern Idaho Foundation aiding aquaculture program students.

Officers and Board Members

President, Secretary

Bryan Woodhouse 208-934-6405 [email protected] or
[email protected]

Vice President

Fred Schneiter 208-969-1971


Greg Edgar 208-404-5088 [email protected]

Board Members

Mike Eveleth, Bob Forster, Steve Hoy, and Tug Worst


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