The Magic Valley Fly Fishers work to promote, preserve, protect and enhance fisheries and fly fishing.  MVFF works for the betterment of fly fishing through conservation projects, educational programs, and community activities

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Notes from Bryan

  • Magic Valley Fly Fishers September 10, 2020 Update

    I hope this finds you all safe and well after summer, our holiday blow and with it feeling like fall already.

    For all the ongoing risk reasons, we are canceling next Wednesday’s meeting on Sept. 16 to again stay safe and see where events take us during this next month. We cannot let our guard down. We must continue to be part of the solution, not the problem. With increased school, holiday and other exposures, it will be interesting.

    Our next update will be the first week in October with our third Wednesday meeting still scheduled on 10/21. The November meeting is scheduled on Wed. 11/18.
    The December Christmas RSVP Dinner will hopefully take place on the 16th and be as good as the last one. We will continue to evaluate, plan and do what makes good sense for all our folks.

    State of our Club.
    We are solvent with all bills paid and enough money now to do all the things we did in 2019 and early 2020 for at least two more years.

    Dues are to both help fund our club operations and activities and make you part of what you enjoy, want to belong to and work with supporting your sport and good causes.
    All of you receiving this by e-mail are current or have been loyal, strong and interested members. Some are newer and very many have been long standing contributors, officers, directors and all have made this club fun and successful since its founding in 1972. This period of required inactivity following a busy 2019 and early 2020 is forcing us to re-think our meetings and planning.

    Because of this, I would like you all to consider yourselves members in good standing and help us out. We will get back to dues later.

    I am asking again how MVFF fits into your plans. Time is limited and complexity seems to grow hourly. Your family health and other needs in addition to the 2020 new-normal make fly fishing group activities even more trivial than they were before, if that is possible. Please send me or any Officer or Board Member your ideas on how you want to participate with and have your club work for you over the months ahead.

    Officers and Board of Directors.
    Nominations are now open for our new slate for 2021with the election November 18 at the meeting or by e-mail if no meeting can be held.
    All current directors please let me know your intentions and ideas by Monday, October 5 for planning.
    Please, somebody take this thing.
    We need different folks running our club.
    We are all in this together.
    I can send you more information and there is much to discuss with many possible options. Your ideas & help count!

    Please call or text me anytime for the quickest response at 208-934-6405. I will return e-mails at a somewhat slower rate.
    Please participate.
    Thanks, Bryan.

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The vision of the Magic Valley Fly Fishers is to promote, preserve, protect, and enhance fly fisheries and function exclusively for education and betterment of all fishing and conservation in the Magic Valley and the state of Idaho. MVFF coordinates with governmental agencies, the Idaho Fish and Game, and private land holders to improve and promote fly fishing.

MVFF supports habitat rehabilitation, sustained and improved access to quality local and regional fly fishing waters, and fisheries sciences through yearly grants to Henry’s Fork Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, FFI and our annual scholarship donations to the College of Southern Idaho Foundation aiding aquaculture program students.

Officers and Board Members

President, Secretary
Bryan Woodhouse 208-934-6405 [email protected] or
[email protected]

Vice President
Don Morishita

Greg Edgar 208-404-5088 [email protected]

Past President
Dale Quigley

Board Members

Tom Courtney, Mike Eveleth, Bob Forster, Steve Hoy, Scott Knight, Jake Miller, Fred Schneiter


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