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  • 11 May 2024 4:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please note the first 3 items especially and all are now new listings on our events  page that you can register for. We need all the members we can get for the 18th so please let us know if you can come and help.

    Saturday May 18, 3 to 6 MVFF will be at the IDFG’s 125th Anniversary Celebration at Twin Falls City Park. Our tables will be set up in the corner of the park at 4th Ave. E and Hansen St. E that is directly across the street from the front door of the Public Library and just three streets from Troutfitters at 2nd & Hansen.

    We will have fly tying, fly casting and knot tying displays and demonstrations at our tables and hands on for a few of those wanting a little TLC as time, crowds and space allow.

    All members that can come and help set up at 2:00 pm. / close up at 6, and help at the event are asked to come and work with your club to make this a memorable event for us all. Please bring your own chairs.

    Please call or text Bryan at 208-934-6405 if you can come to help.

    Tuesday May 21 General Meeting 6-8 at the Mountain View Barn. 

    Our presentations will include our work underway with the City of Twin Falls Parks & Recreation. This includes our proposed use of the former C S I fish hatchery and property for both a kids fishing pond and future uses of the now closed hatchery for educational and other community purposes rather than being demolished.

    Our documentation also details our larger, long standing, interests in restoration of Rock Creek for all fisheries, fishing and recreational purposes over its length from Magic Mountain to the Snake. These cover the many aspects of restoration and the ways MVFF feels these will benefit this important local stream and the County and City in the years ahead.

    Other presentations will update you on our upcoming activities including fish-outs, meetings and summer schedule as well as plans for next fall now being formulated.  Please try to attend as this is now our last General Meeting of the spring and we always need to hear your feedback and who can help make these meetings successful.

    Saturday May 25 Fishout is now scheduled for Roseworth Reservoir (also called Cedar Creek). It is west, about 8 miles, from the Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir Dam on the road across the dam, & about 15 miles out of Rogerson. Reports are lots of fish, good pontoon and float tubing, wading+/-, and boat fishing with space both sides of the main launch ramp at the house to fish, launch & set up our base camp Saturday morning with hotdogs at lunch. Call Fred at 208-969-1971, Mike at 208-410-0308, or Bryan at 208-934-6405 with questions.

    June 4th First Tuesday Fly Tying, Casting and Storytelling 5-8 at the Mountain View Barn.

    More info to be posted soon.

    Canceled-June 18th Third Tuesday General Meeting

    Saturday June 29 Fishout at Big Wood River at Stanton Crossing Campground.

    More info to be posted soon.

    July 2nd  First Tuesday Fly Tying, Casting and Storytelling 5-8 at the Mountain View Barn.

    More info to be posted soon.

    Saturday July 27 Fishout at Billingsley Creek, Hagarman.

    More info to be posted soon.

    August 6th  First Tuesday Fly Tying, Casting and Storytelling 5-8 at the Mountain View Barn.

    More info to be posted soon.

    Trout in the Classroom IDFG request for Help Reminder on May days-all times are 9 am -2 pm.

    All May TIC days are at Riley Pond except the last that is at Gavers Lagoon.

    Riley Pond days & dates are Tue. 5/14, Wed. 5/15, Thur. 5/16, Wed. 5/22, Tue. 5/28 and ending the month at Gavers Lagoon on Wed. 5/29.

    June & July TIC and TMF days will be posted here in Club News to the end of May.  Watch this section for added day updates if we receive them from IDFG.

  • 10 Apr 2024 1:27 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    MVFF Club News and Reminder                                                    April 9, 2024

    Good Evening Magic Valley Fly Fishers, Friends, Supporters and All the Ships at Sea!!

    Reminder for next week’s Tuesday, April 16 general meeting.

    The details below were just posted to next week’s General Meeting event a week from tonight.

    Please go to Events, register and get ready for a good old fashioned club night of doing what we know & love best—fly fishing & all its facets and practicing all its parts!!


    Butt to tippet— Everything you’ve wanted to know, ask or thought you should share about your connection to the fly and the fish!!

    James will “Leader” us through discussions, demonstrations, demystifying, describing & doing the answers to your connection and presentation questions. We can try tying your ideas on dynamite design deviations on the old standard knotted and knotless versions too.

    Bring your stuff to tie a few for your vest pocket and show us how.

    It will be a long and the short of it evening!! Far & fine gossamer 6 x 20+‘ er’s to 15# 6’ brush-bustin’ lip rippers!

    He wants this to be an interactive evening with you all just for the fun and landed fish of it all!

    Come on over & we’ll all tie one on at the Barn.


    We think this will be a big draw evening, so please register soon so we can tell Nina at the Barn the number and not run out of her scrumptious burgers, fries, salads, & desserts and to not run the keg dry!

    Cya there. Bryan.

    More Club News, upcoming activities and updates.

    Clear Lake Country Club Workday & Free Club Fly Fishing, Saturday April 27, 2024.

    The following has been posted in our Events and we will again have a signup sheet at next week’s meeting so we know how many we will have helping, eating and fishing.

    Clear Lake Country Club lake shore cleanup to continue to improve fly fishing access will begin at 7:30 am. and finish at 11:30 this Sat. April 27.   Those working must be paid members to be under our insurance and you can renew or join on line here any time or at the event. The rest of the day we fish for free. Register here and we will also have signups and more details and what tools to bring at the meetings before this event. 

    The Country Club has graciously awarded us an additional two free MVFF club fishing days in advance for our hard work helping them make everyone’s fly fishing access easier around the lake. These two additional days will be planned and added to our events here as soon as possible. Due to schedule conflict, the outing to Salmon Falls Reservoir was canceled to allow this CLCC event on 4-27. Salmon Falls Reservoir may be rescheduled for later.

    Please call Fishmaster Fred at 208-969-1971 or Bryan at 208-934-6405 with questions.

    IDFG Schedule & Events.

    IDFG has sent out their first schedule for Trout in the Classroom (TIC) fishing days and Take Me Fishing (TMF) days this spring and always need our help 8 am. to 2 pm.

    T I C days start on Tue. April 30 at Riley Pond.

    All May TIC days are at Riley Pond except the last that is at Gavers Lagoon.

    Riley Pond days & dates are Thur. 5/2; Tue. 5/14, Wed. 5/15, Thur. 5/16, Wed. 5/22, Tue. 5/28 and ending the month at Gavers Lagoon on Wed. 5/29.

    June & July TIC and TMF days will be posted here in Club News to the end of May.

    Watch this section for added day updates if we receive them from IDFG.

    IDFG’s 125 year anniversary party will be held on Saturday May 18 at Twin Falls Park downtown.  MVFF is honored to be asked to be a participant and we will have fly tying, knot tying and casting demonstrations as space and time allow along with lots of other info for potential new members.  More details will be posted here and we will need volunteers to help plan, practice, set up, meet the folks during the day and closeup. Please sign up for this too at next week’s meeting and/or call me anytime.

    A fly fishing gear swap idea has been discussed and will be at next week's meeting. Please come and give us your input.  We will again need all the folks we can get to make this happen.

    Other project possibilities are being researched by board members and will be brought to you all as soon as enough groundwork has been finalized and feasibility evaluated. These include the very old club desire to have a kids fly fishing pond close in Twin Falls, IDFG help with instream egg planting, IDFG help in tagging, IDFG help with stream access on Silver Creek feeder streams, and others long on back burners.  Now is the time to get us going again on many of them as we continue to gain back our old strengths. In-club things we have wanted are a youth group, ladies group, new comers group, our history projects and others.  All we need is people with the time and energy.  Please let us know how and where you want to help.

    April and May high water, where to fish safely and where it’s fishing good now.

    Like for bass on the Malad at the Snake that is good through May, but really high water now-from Chris today.

    Intel for flows and fishermen: From Ian this afternoon.

    Reservoir levels on upper snake aka the teacups:

    USGS water dashboard:

    Idaho Power releases, use the top left menu to select a dam. 

    Data - Idaho Power WebPortal

    Along with the above, please bring your knowledge and information on what’s fishing good now and therefore fishable and where to avoid. A good old round robin of recent fishing tails follows.

    Fishouts at Riley Creek and Riley Pond  were super well attended and everyone had fun, ate well and caught good fish. Tell us about your day there and where ever you have been fishing.

    Website and Membership.

    Way too much detail for here, but GO TO THE SITE AND USE IT, THEN GIVE ME FEEDBACK.

    Try to log on and enter your e-mail address and password or choose “forgot” and reset.  If you are in the new database already even if not paid up to current it will let you in with a bill for your 2024 $45.  If it’s been since pre 2023, you are probably not in the database and just “join”.

    Once in you will see the MEMBERS pulldown button under which is an under construction area where I will soon put our bylaws, etc.; the directory of members with phone and email; and our Forums, under construction. We know of some glitches that are minor but irritating and we are trying to learn how to not only fix them but build a better way to do stuff.  Try it, you’ll like it. Call me if you have any questions, trouble or if you can help with the site. We need you on the website team.  ALSO: Please pass the word to all your old buds to look at the new site, call me and rejoin.  I may send out an “after the final, final, final” email to all those we haven’t seen in several years but I don’t know when I can get to that.  Sure would like to have all our strays back to the BARN!!!!

    More soon and see you next Tuesday.

    Bryan. 208-934-6405

  • 18 Mar 2024 5:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    MVFF CLUB NEWS AND REMINDER Monday, March 18, 2024

    REMINDERDon’t miss tomorrow night’s presentation. Gerald has a new perspective on our local fly fishing and more. See this Event listing for more information and see you there.

    WEBSITE evolution continues.

    You must now be a paid active member to log on and see the Members Directory and Forums. We will now be able to add club-only content with greater security and build club forum discussions more easily on many topics. This is just happening now and may have some rough spots, so call Bryan 208-934-6405 with questions, ideas and if you want to provide hands-on website help to your club.

    Log-in & dues.

    If you can’t log in as last year, you need to go to Join Us and renew. If you were paid in 2023 and set up your log-in account, it will (hopefully) automatically populate that old data.  Make sure it is all correct before you pay your 2024 renewal. If your last dues were 2022 or before, rejoin and you’re in.  All dues payments by card will be on the website, not Square.  Checks by mail to our Box 1037 T. F. I. 83301 and cash and checks at meetings and events are accepted but must be hand updated into the system so by card is best for us all.  Hats, pins, maps and tickets are cash or checks only at meetings and events. At outside events like fish outs, cash or check only for dues also with no secure satellite Wi-Fi-link. 

    EVENTS.  Please see our events section for our overview for the first part of this year and the specific event listings for the events with more information.

    It’s a full schedule with more details being added as we know them.

    Meetings at the Barn are now 6 to 8 pm. to encourage more to attend.

    First Tuesday Tying and Fun Nights now will include casting on the lawn for those so inclined. If you or someone you know wants tying instruction, please contact Fred or me and we can go from there. Same goes for casting.  Please contact James, Mike, or one of us for that also.

    We’re here to help.

    Third Tuesday General Meetings with a speaker or other presentations on fly fishing, tying or related topics in local fisheries issues are gaining in attendance.  We hope you can all come to these through June and again through the fall. If you have speaker or topic suggestions, please contact us with your ideas as we want to find and book these folks as far ahead as possible.

    Fishouts last year and this year have been going super well each month with lots attending and catching fish.  Riley Creek saw everyone catching fish and having fun on the stream.  Riley Pond this month will give us well stocked still water action and some potentially large fish too.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or would like help at a fish out.

    CLUB NEWS articles are best when written by YOU!!  Write a few lines about your last club fish out day or personal trip or other related topic your fly fishing friends here in MVFF will enjoy and send it to me to put in this to all.  YOU ARE our club!!  We’d love to hear from you!!

    Much more after tomorrow night’s meeting.

    See you there,

    Bryan Woodhouse, Secretary 2024 &  208-934-6405

  • 13 Feb 2024 6:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    IDFG Gathering Public Comments On Chinook Seasons, 2025-27 Statewide Fishing Seasons, & Fish Management Plan

    R Phillips | IDFG


    January 26, 2024
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    Photo by IDFG/MKNC

  • 13 Feb 2024 6:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Fish and Game to hold two open houses in the Magic Valley to seek public input on three fisheries processes

    1. Home
    2. Press Releases and Articles


    Thursday, February 8, 2024 - 12:07 PM MST

    Public input is a critical piece to fisheries season setting and statewide management plan adoption

    Idaho Fish and Game has three public comment periods opening on February 12,2024 that will address important issues impacting anglers in Idaho. They include setting the 2024 Spring/Summer Chinook Salmon fishing seasons and bag limits, the upcoming 2025-27 statewide fishing seasons and rules, and rewriting the 6-year, statewide Fish Management Plan. 

    Fishery biologists from the Magic Valley Region will be hosting two open houses to hear from area anglers about ideas they might have about these upcoming documents, and they will outline a few proposals that are up for consideration from Fish and Game. 

    The first open house will be held at the Magic Valley Regional Office in Jerome, 324 S 417 E, on February 13, 2024, from 6 – 8 p.m.

    The second open house will be held on February 20, 2024, in Hailey at the Community Campus, Minnie Moore Room from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

    To learn more about the three processes and the timeline for public please see this news article.

    For more information about the Magic Valley Region open houses please contact the regional office at (208) 324-4359.

  • 12 Jan 2024 10:14 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Due to the weather and road condition we have cancelled the FishOut.

  • 5 Jan 2024 2:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Magic Valley Fly Fishers Important Updates & Club News                    January 5, 2024

    Our Tuesday January 9 meeting for next week is now canceled due to medical and other scheduling issues beyond our control.  

    PLEASE NOTE: Club information will not be e-mailed to you as in the past.

    With our transition of our website continuing, only paid members will receive emails via their profile data from our site when necessary.

    Public updates and information on monthly tying & general meeting nights, future fish outs, club projects & events, website evolution, and much more will be posted on our site in Events & News, and on our FB page as far ahead as possible for each month.

    Our first 2024 fish out will be at Filer Ponds Saturday January 13, one week from tomorrow, after a large IDFG stocking is scheduled for next week. We will be there at 8 am. until we’re tired of catching fish with hot dogs, chips and water free for members and for a nominal $3 for non-members.

    Our February 6 first Tuesday fly tying, fun and board meeting will be held at the Barn 5-9. All board members, potential board members, and members with ideas and help for us in this new 2024 are all strongly encouraged to come to the board meeting to jump start this fly fishing fun year ahead.

    Bryan Woodhouse, Acting Secretary, 2024.  208-934-6405

  • 23 Dec 2023 11:55 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Magic Valley Fly Fishers-Merry Christmas & Happy New Year One and All!!

    Thank you all for coming to our meetings, fishouts and events this year that made it such a great success. We look forward to seeing you all more in ’24!!!

    Our next meeting will be Tuesday January 9, 5-9 pm. at the Barn.  Details for this meeting and other club information will be published January 2-4 and posted on our website and FB page.

    Our following meetings scheduled so far will be:

    Feb. 6, March 5,  April 2,  & May 7.  

    All are Tuesdays at our regular time 5-9 at the Mountain View Barn, Jerome.

    Remember too, that if you go onto our website and renew or mail a check now dated this year you will get your 2024 family membership at the $35 price that will go up to $45 Jan. 1, 2024.  We’re still working on the site with more improvements coming soon.

    Please go to our FB pageto see another example of our great local fishing that I just posted with more to follow in the coming weeks.

    Again, happy holidays and thank you all again for making our first year of our next 50 years of MVFF Club fun fish-outs, tying and lying a great success.


    Bryan Woodhouse, Secretary & Past President, 2023  Call, text or email me anytime. 208-934-6405

  • 31 Oct 2023 12:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Magic Valley Fly Fishers October 2023 Club News.                   Tuesday, October 31, 2023

    Happy Halloween

    President’s Message for October.

    Hello all,

    Fall is here.  That is great for the fishing but I always have mixed emotions.  After fall comes winter.  I love fishing in the winter but just don't get much of it done.  I have been out a bit lately but would always like to get more time on the water.  I was looking forward to fall for the schedule to slow down a bit but so far it hasn't, so have to fit that fishing in when we can.  

    As for fall activities, there are still a couple of fish outs to get on.  There is also the banquet to get ready and have.  Then there are the holidays.  There is definitely enough to keep us all busy, as everyone knows.  We have already been talking about the next year and what we are going to do.  Now is the time to let us know if you have ideas for the club.  We are hoping to expand on the fish-outs and spread the love. Be on the lookout for news on those with locations and if you want to host one or want to fish a specific place, please let me know.

    We are hoping to do some fundraising in the early spring or late winter.  Nothing is final yet but keep your eyes peeled for events.  As always, we are looking for speakers at the meeting and any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Lastly, keep an eye on the Facebook page and feel free to chat and post about your fishing trips and let's see if we can get some impromptu gatherings.  That would be a lot of fun for everyone even if they cannot attend.  Good chats and discussions can be had.  I am going to keep it short this time but hope everyone is getting a few (fish that is).  Tight lines everyone and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.  

    James Harper, President, 2023.  mvff208@gmail.com208-961-0850

    One week from tonight, November 7, is our Talkin’ & Tyin’ Tuesday evening at the Barn and our Board of Directors and Fall Party Team meeting.

    The following was handed out as a signup at our general meeting on October 19.

    “Please work with your board by phone & text, email and our in-person team. Our plan is as follows:

    Oct. 19 through Nov. 6 texts & e-mail actions including but not limited to advertising, donations collection and organizing & party day organization and logistics.

    Nov. 7, Tue. Tying, board meeting and in-person Party Team meeting at the Barn. Donations brought in then can be sorted and organized for raffles and silent auditions ahead of the party.

    Nov. 8 through Fri. Nov. 17phone, text & e-mail actions / completions.

    Sat. Nov. 18, 12 noon to 3:00set up by the team at the Barn.

    Sat. Nov. 18, 4:30 team back & ready for our doors to open at 5:00.

    Please call/text Bryan at 208-934-6405 to get you going with our team to put this party together.

    You can also e-mail me at  or Please also text me if you send me an email.”

    Saturday, November 18, 2023, is our Fly Fishers & Friends Fall Party & Prime Rib Banquet at the Barn, 5-9 pm, with only 18 more days to go!!  Please go to the website and register and pay now if you haven’t already!! All the details are there for another exceptional Mountain View Barn prime rib dinner with all the sides and desserts as well as the bio and links to our speaker Mr. Nate Brumley of Dry Fly Innovations in Meridian. Please call Bryan at 208-934-6405 if you have any questions or issues with registering or paying online or if you need to mail a check or pay at the door as we must have meal counts by Tuesday, November 14.


    We must all continue to seek donations of all kinds to ensure great raffles and silent auctions. Let’s get back to the old days of flowers on the table for the ladies and lots of cool and interesting prizes of all types as well as great fly fishing related goodies.  The donations world has changed with our large donors of the past all gone. That increases the need for all our members to get creative and seek donations whenever or go to a craft show, farmers’ market, and entice all your friends and relatives to do the same so we can replenish our till at our raffles.

    Building back our reserves is needed again and is the only way to continue our scholarships, conservation group donations and ongoing activities. We must keep our goal of education of fly fishing to all that are interested and allow us to spread the pleasures and rewards of fly fishing to new folks and next generations of conservationist fly fishing friends.

    Costs have increased many fold.  If we want to get back to doing projects in riparian habitat restoration & maintenance and fisheries, as well as landowner access improvements with IDFG and others as we have done in the past, we need new and additional funding support. 

    Consult your company and others about donations and sustaining support contributions to our type of recreation and natural resource education based non-profit organization that provides both youth and adults a long tradition of new and interesting ways to get out, fly fish, learn entomology, and do it in our Southern Idaho Outdoors and beyond.

    There’s still Time to Volunteer.  

    Our election of officers and board members is typically held each November so we need to fill our slate of candidates by early November and publish it after our November 7 meeting to have our election for 2024 on schedule at the Fall Party on Saturday, 11-18.

    Three of this year’s board members cannot serve next year due to work, family and other commitments and we need members to help with the work of making club activities happen.

    Our current officers are weighing their options with lots of ideas for our club and want yours too.

    We would like new officers too who can help get the work done and so we can have a real election with more than one candidate for each office. What a concept!? We’re burning out & up.

    We want to do what you all want with your guidance and help. Getting our meetings at the Barn grows more difficult as their business grows and as we hope to increase our attendance and fit more of your schedules. Your active participation is essential. We continue to need more folks to take on tasks to get the club work done to keep activities happening. Please contact any of us by Tuesday November 7.

    Officers & Board of Directors & Phone #’s.

    President-N_______________#__________: Vice President-N__________#____________ Secretary-N_______________#_________ : Board Member-N__________#____________ 

    Committees needing leaders and members:

    Casting, N___________________#_____________:

    Tying, N_____________________#_____________:

    Meetings, N___________________#_____________:

    Membership, N___________________#_____________:

    Website & FB, N___________________#_____________:

    Projects & Conservation, N___________________#_____________:

    Fishouts-Outings & Special Events, N___________________#_____________:

    Fundraising-Scholarships & Promotion. N______________________#_____________:  

    Other Important Information & Dates.

    2024 Membership Duesare payable now online or by check by mail to Box 1037 T, F, I. 83303 or at the meetings by cash, check or square and if you pay before the end of this year it is $35 that goes to $45 in 2024. What a deal!!

    Vice President Fred Schneiter reports a great turnout of folks at the fishouts at Clear Lakes Country Club days and on the Big Wood River at Stanton Crossing with the numbers of members fishing in the teens and fish in the 20’s-both numbers and lengths (or more)!!

    Board member Chris Foster, that is our liaison with and volunteers for IDFG, reminds us all to check the fishing regulations for closures on some of our waters starting November 1, others December 1 and take regulations change now also to catch & release on several of our waters locally. Also call Parks & Waterways, and Parks & Recreation and BLM for Quagga Mussel access restrictions that are now in flux.  Also, the boat launch at Twin Falls Dam Idaho Power Park is undergoing major construction and has closures also.

    Board member Brenda Weekes, that is also working on the Jerome County Park trail project on the Snake, says the trail work and river crossing will be finishing in the next few weeks.

    December 5 is our Talkin’ & Tyin’ Tuesday evening at the Barn, HO-HO-HO.

    December 16, Saturday is our winter (hopefully warm) Club fish out at Clear Springs Country Club Lake in Buhl and is free to all paid club members.  


    Thank you all for your support.  See you soon.

    Bryan S. Woodhouse, Secretary & Past President, 2023. Call or text anytime, 208-934-6405.

  • 13 Oct 2023 4:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    MVFF Weekly Hot Topics Update Friday, October 13, 2023.

    Tomorrow 10/14 is our free fishing day at Clear Lakes Country Club Lake in Buhl. It will be in this nice fall weather with fish recently caught so big they wouldn’t fit into our nets.  Lots more +/- 20 inches have been seen too sipping midges so try a dry!

    Paid members fish free and if you renew or join tomorrow you get that perk plus your 2024 dues paid at the current $35/ yr. family rate that will go up to $45 on 1-1-2024. That’s a $20+ savings and you can pay there at the fish-out tomorrow. 

    Fred will be set up at the parking lot above the launch dock around 8 am. for you to sign in there first and then go down to sign in at the Pro Shop for their records. 

    Golf carts are again available to rent at the pro shop for our shore fishing pleasure around the lake, input stream and on the island at our price of $10 all day and we just reserved two this morning and want to get the word out to you all about this added benefit to our members.

    Mike and the others will have your free hot dogs from about 11 to 2 with all the fixin’s.

    Out on the water again!! Great fish, great folks, great fun. 

    Next Thursday, November 19, is our General Meeting at the Barn with the café serving.

    Our member & speaker Bob Harrison will present his program on Winter Fly Fishing in Phoenix, Arizona and the Warm Southwest. While a native of Hayburn and lives here spring and summer on the family farm, Bob’s primary home is in the Phoenix area where he is a long time member of the Desert Fly Casters, Fly Tying leader and knows all the spots to catch fish and how when we are frozen up here! He will cover Phoenix’s urban ponds and canals that offer fly fishing opportunities for bass, trout, carp and tilapia throughout the winter.  The presentation will cover locations, equipment, and local resources for getting away from Idaho’s cold weather to other areas around his state and region. Lots warmer, good fly fishing and not so far away.

    A show not to miss.


    Our October Club News will be out after the General Meeting next week.  It will include our President’s October message and those from our other board members. Please review our September 8 Club News as there is a lot in it and we will be adding current information to all the topics discussed there and more including:

    Please keep getting donations.  Our Saturday November 18 Fall Party and Banquet needs all you can make, find and bring in asap. Checks to the club for sustaining support work well too!!

    Task/date sign-ups to get this event to happen will be distributed and discussed next Thursday. You can call to begin working with us NOW if you can’t make that meeting.

    Please go to this event on our website to learn more about our speaker, register and pay now so this can be a fun party all will enjoy.

    Officer, Board of Directors, & Committee Chair 2024 positions must be filled now for our November election. We seriously need you all to WORK with us. New and seasoned, young and old, experienced and not-so-much are needed NOW to do the tasks that the too few of us are burning out on now. HELP!

    Thank you all for making MVFF the fun & solid old fly fishing club that it is.

    Bryan Woodhouse, Secretary & Past President, 2023.  208-934-6405

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