Family Fun Fly Fishing Frivolous Fraternization THIS Saturday

October 17, 2022
Magic Valley Fly Fishers Family Fun Fly Fishing Frivolous Fraternization
is this coming Saturday, October 22, 2022, from 10 am to 2 pm
at the Mountain View Barn, 392 E, 300 S, Jerome. (rain or shine!)
The Café at the Barn will be serving breakfast and lunch for us all to enjoy.

Fly casting games and demonstrations with our experienced folks and instruction and practice for
those just getting started will be out on the lawns on this fine [we hope] fall morning. We’ll
furnish the rod & reel outfits for the new folks to try and you can bring your outfits too and put
your yarn fly in the hoop or cup? Fly casting skill and practice is a major sport all on its own.
And it increases your ability to put your fly on the nose of the fish in many different conditions
and waters. If it’s raining and blowing it will be just like stealheadin’!! Good practice.

Fly tying will be inside, so bring some of your gear and tie up a few of your favorite fish-foolers.
Our folks will give some hands-on basic tying instruction to those wanting to learn as well as
demonstrate their tricks and tips to tie terrific bugs. We’ll furnish the tying tools and materials
for new tyers to try their hand at our addictive and lifelong pastime of the fly tier’s art.

We may have some videos, a small history exhibit, knot tying, a raffle, tying material swap and
the like, all as time and person power allow. You gotta come by to know! We want all our
experienced members, past, present and future, as well as new community folks of all ages
interested in sharing our great sport to come on out and add to the quality camaraderie. At all
our meetings, everyone expresses how much they want to see more families with kids get
involved to help us perpetuate future fly fishing. No fee for this day, just fly fishing fun.
More on the Christmas Party Saturday, December 17, and club happenings will follow shortly.
Thank you all and see you there.

Please call/text me with other ideas and if you will come to help make this another fun day.
Bryan Woodhouse, President & Secretary 2022, 208-934-6405