Club News – February 2023


Magic Valley Fly Fishers February 13, 2023, Reminder and Update. 

Good afternoon. 

Our first general meeting of 2023 will be one week from tomorrow night February 21 from 5 to 9 at the Mountain View Barn, 392 E, 300 S, Jerome. 

Our main presentation from 6:30 to 7:30 will be by our new President James Harper giving us his views on many fly fishing myths and how to turn them into an advantage for all Magic Valley Fly Fishers. With luck he will also have time to tell and show us some of his fishing adventures last fall on the upper Snake, Big Lost and beyond. 

The opening act preceding James will be Vice President Fred Schneiter’s video loop and his narrative showing us some of his MVFF local fly fishing fish fooling fun with new, old and perspective members around this magic valley over the preceding months. 

After James’ show we will give you some updates on project areas begun in previous months and how our new board is working to keep these interesting and important items moving forward. 

After what is sure to be a lively Q&A with James and us all we will have a round robin of fishing tales from you all. 

The Café at the Barn will be open for business as in all previous general meetings and have a great mini buffet, burgers, salads and other goodies available as well as new kegs being tapped according to my latest info from O.J. 

As we said in our Club News of Jan 23, dues are due now for all & each year on the Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 cycle. Thank you to all that have already renewed/paid and thank you especially to the several new folks that have joined recently. You may still pay on our website through March but after that we are looking into new methods that may be back-to-the-future with mailing your check to P. O. Box 1037 and by paying at the door with plastic, check, or that old thing—cash?? 

Last Tuesday evening 2/7 was our opening monthly fly tying and open get-together night at the Barn and was enjoyed by all of those that came, tied, learned and got better acquainted. We had over 20% of our paid club members attend and that was awesome! ( It does, however, say our paid membership is down a bit too! Pay up!) We know these nights will work back into a major happening for our club as they had begun to evolve back when we started them in 2019, so plan on coming on March 7 and get involved. 

Also, mark your NO MISS date for our March 21 general meeting with guest speaker, our own, Mr. Tucker Brauer, Magic Valley Regional Fisheries Biologist for IDFG. He will present information on all things Big Wood River, as well as other great things the Department has underway with another lively Q & A to follow. 

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you all this next week on Tuesday Feb 21. 

Fish hard, send pics & stories, have fun, call/text/email us anytime. What a team!!! 

More soon, Bryan Woodhouse, Secretary & PP, 2023, 208-934-6405. [email protected]

James Harper-President
[email protected] 208-961-0850

Fred Schneiter-Vice Pres.
[email protected] 208-969-1971

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