Club News – November 2022

CLUB NEWS November 7, 2022

Happy November on this nice, rainy day. It’s recharging both our water supplies and hopes for great fly fishing opportunities over the months to come. Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING wherever you wade, drift or roam!

There will not be a monthly meeting in November due to time and scheduling constraints.

Our Saturday, December 17, Christmas Party at the Mountain View Barn, 5 to 9 pm,featuring Nina’s scrumptious traditional turkey, ham and all the sides and deserts we can hold, needs your reservations soon. The cost including tip is $45 for each person which is well below our current inflation levels.
We must get a minimum of 25 people reserved by Wednesday December 14 to make this event happen and we already have eight in for a warm and fun Christmas time at the Barn.

All the “Early Birds” that get their RSVPs in by Wednesday *November 30*will be entered into a special raffle for a fly fishing adventure for 2 that is a $300+ value.
Payment this year is by check to our P.O. Box 1037 T. F. I, 83303, or by check, cash or plastic at the door after a confirmed reservation is logged in by reply to this email, phone, text, or receipt of your check to our P.O. Box by 12/14. There will be no on-line payments for this event for several reasons this year.

You only pay for your adult beverage bill in addition.
Last minute late comers at the door could get chicken; but it was so good it rivaled the prime rib at the 50th anniversary dinner in April. Plan to come and let us know if you can; but COME!
Our big Christmas Raffle and Silent Auction will feature more trips in the auction, books and lots of fly fishing, fly tying and non-fishing goodies from donations we have already received that will appeal to the ladies as well as the gentlemen. We always look forward to those cool things you all bring to these get togethers that you know we all want to win from the boxes of good stuff you need to DOWNSIZE. I may bring a van full at the rate I’m sorting!! If it’s too big (like Bob’s U-boat) bring a picture to put out for a bid or bucket bonanza! No prize too big or too small for us all to have a ball! Bring ‘em early or get them to us ahead of the party to get them sorted and on the tables for all to bid on. Bring lots to have fun and support MVFF!
A small history display will show some of the donations we have received and our progress you will all be interested to see and become involved with in the future.
Santa may even show up? HO. HO. HO.

Election of officers and board members will be at the December evening.
The ballot with explanation is attached.
I want to thank James Harper for again stepping up as President this coming year. James took to the oars on this boat a few years before I arrived here in Twin and we all appreciate having him again help us navigate and put us into fish in the waters ahead. His audition at the September meeting, and his hard work at the April Anniversary doing the casting with all the new folks, reminded us of his many talents, visions for our fly fishing club’s future, and his commitment and abilities to making them happen.

I also want to thank you all for helping on the board and as dedicated members in all we do.

MAGIC VALLEY FLY FISHERS SEPTEMBER 2022 STATE-OF-OUR-CLUB is attached and was distributed at both the September and October meetings. We are solvent, lots going on now into the fall, and we look forward to another good year starting into our next 50 ahead. It’s your club. Thank you one and all.

PLEASE RSVP BY REPLY OR AS ABOVE FOR A GREAT CHRISTMAS PARTY AHEAD. More soon, call/txt/e-mail me, and have a GREAT THANKSGIVING wherever you wade, drift or roam! Bryan Woodhouse, President & Secretary, 2022