Fall Opener Reminder

Good evening MVFF. This is your reminder for our fall opener one week from tonight.

Please come and join into the restarting of our many fly fishing interests that are not possible without YOU.

New things are afoot and other activities continue. Come and “wade in a little deeper,…”

Please call or text me if you will be eating for a food count for the kitchen and if you are bringing your pictures on a thumb drive to show for our scheduling. The more the better. See you all there, Bryan 208-934-6405


Good evening Magic Valley Fly Fishers: Past, Present & Future.
August 31, 2022

Our fall fly fishing fun begins on Tuesday, September 27 at the Mountain View Barn 5 to 9. We will start with our good old round-robin of your fly fishing tall tales and short thumb-drive clips from your spring & summer fly fishing adventures if you choose to share them for us all to enjoy. Time to talk fly fishing and tying and just get together again are the things we enjoy most about our club and now we can begin them anew. We look forward to talking with you all.

All that have paid dues since the first of this year or those that paid for the April 30 Anniversary Dinner are paid up through May of 2023. Even if you haven’t done either, we still want you to come and get involved and have fun with your old club or new one as we hope is the case. Come and see what else we may happen as things are still evolving for the evening. A short club business update with your needed input will conclude this next beginning.

Please be sure to mark your calendars to attend the renewal of our traditional Christmas dinner evening at the Barn now booked for Saturday December 17, 2022, 5-9 p.m. Our Christmas party in 2019 was almost a big as the banquet that followed so let’s do that again as Nina’s dinner is the best in the land!

We are working too on a Saturday afternoon / evening at the end of October with special interest for all that we will have more details on during this upcoming get together.

Nina’s scrumptious burgers, salads, sides and possibly a special will be available along with beverages for our opening evening. Please RSVP to me if at all possible so we have a count on how many will be eating and so they can make sure the kegs are full & the cellar stocked!

Please call or text me any time for quickest response. I get to e-mails at a slower rate. Thank you all for your support. More soon, Bryan. 208-934-6405