June 12, 2020 restart and “Build-it and they will Cast” updates

  • June 12, 2020 at 2:00 pm #1286
    Bryan Woodhouse

    A fly fisher can never have toooooo many rods!!
    Our First Wed. nights could begin some rod building as well as fly tying.
    I’ve been building rods since I was 7, but haven’t built one since my Fischer glass 4 wt. at least 20 years ago. Love it! I’ve collected more blanks and kits in the closet needing to be built than I want to admit to.
    Some building steps can be done at the Barn, but others like grip/reel seat embedding/turning and final epoxying have to be done in somebody’s garage as we don’t want to clean cork, epoxy and urethane glue off Nina’s tables!!
    We have master rod builders like Tim Crist and many others in this club, so we don’t lack for instruction or encouragement builders!
    We have talked about this for years, now let’s do it.
    Post your ideas here and call me.

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