June 12, 2020 restart – tying nights and sharing.

  • June 12, 2020 at 3:24 pm #1291
    Bryan Woodhouse

    As I said in the last update on our next July 1 tying night at the Barn,
    sharing materials and tying ideas and tricks is what make open tying nights a different kind of tying learning and camaraderie from demonstration nights with speakers. Both are good, different and fuel fly fishing fever; the only one we want!
    Bring your goodies and let’s try to make these an anchor for out club as we will be swinging in this wind for a while; not knowing when, how and if speaker nights will restart.
    Post all your favorite pattern recipes and how you fish them here as well as whatever other tying links, books, articles and tying ideas and stuff you find.
    Post lots.
    Thanks. Bryan

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