Reason for no pics in forums for now.

  • June 19, 2020 at 12:56 pm #1325
    Bryan Woodhouse

    I just learned yesterday that the way our whole website was hacked and brought down last fall was via an inserted picture coming into the forum. No details yet, but for the foreseeable future no pics can be inserted in forum posts. All old pics are removed like the ones with the houses, etc.
    We are looking at better Facebook use and linkage as well as the Google Docs / Cloud gallery approach for ease of uploading, security, and so we can use the pics and short videos on site pages as well as building the new PSA’s we started to do last fall for the banquet advertising.
    If any of you are knowledgeable in doing this and want to help please comment here and I’ll get back to you,
    Also, PLEASE keep emailing me pics and stories and putting your reports here too.
    Thanks, Bryan.

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