Good Evening Magic Valley Fly Fishers, May 9, 2022 (Posted June 14th)

IDFG and MVFF need your help with the kids for their end of year Trout in the Classroom fun fishing days after working hard this year rearing their trout in their classroom tanks.

Tomorrow Tuesday 5-10, Wednesday 5-11, and Thursday 5-12 of this week will be fun fishing days at Hagerman fish hatchery Riley Pond, 9 – 2 pm. Lots of kids we can help catch some of their first fish after learning how they grow from eggs to those we love to catch!!! Great learning and fun for the rest of their lives!  Please come and help them and us if you can.  

Chris will teach them fishing and fisheries ethics, fish cleaning & cooking them to the delight of all those that partake in his 400 degree, 8 minute, ranch dressed exercise! Bon appetite!  

Next week, Tuesday 5-17, and Thursday 5-19, will again be at Hagerman hatchery 9-2 pm, also with other schools.  Again, lots of kids needing help getting into first time fishing fun.

Friday next week 5-20, and the following week, Friday 5-27, it will be at Gavers Lagoon at the Hayspur Hatchery up off Hwy 20 up above silver creek before Peekaboo.  Great fish and fun fishing for all.

Please also go to the IDFG Magic Valley website page on events and note the “Take Me Fishing” days in June and July, where helpers are also needed to get folks into our fun sport.

We are planning another MVFF fish out at the Clear Lakes Country Club Pond in Buhl and are also gearing up to have more spontaneous “we’re going to ……Saturday—or  tomorrow” fish out days as we now move into the late spring and summer.  

Watch this space, our website and Fb page.

Roseworth, Magic, Salmon Falls, the Snake and others are fishing well. 

If you will host a fishing day call and we’ll put it up.

Our club means fishing, family and friends.

See you on the water.

Bryan. 208-934-6405