Magic Valley Fly Fishers April 16, 2022. 50th Anniversary Event

Magic Valley Fly Fishers April 30th, 50th Anniversary Event

Saturday, April 16, 2022.

Important Update & Reminder

Great news.
Our new capability will encourage everyone to now be able to attend and enjoy our celebration.
The 50 inch hi-def television already in use in our comfortable downstairs meeting room close to the necessaries provides easy access for folks that may have difficulties with the stairs to the upper ball room at the Mountain View Barn event center.
Quale’s Electronics is donating the use of a 70 + inch digital big screen television to showcase our presenters’ programs and audience participation in hi-def to all those upstairs as well as downstairs. Midnight Production Studios is making a large discount donation toward their expertise, time, gear, set up and a cameraman to shoot and record our event for posterity. This way we will provide full big screen audio & video of the evening events both upstairs and downstairs at the Mountain View Barn. We will all be well interconnected with both audio & video for everyone to be able to participate and enjoy during this celebration of 50 years of wading; now into this 21st electronically enhanced century! Use of both floors also facilitates our spreading out all our activities both day and evening and allows our servers and attendees to move around more easily.

Watch for our 50th advertisements soon to be up on the electronic signs on First Federal and D .L. Evans banks at the intersection of Blue Lakes Blvd. & Falls Ave. and then elsewhere around the area.

I forgot to ask earlier for your highly sought after fly donations for our raffles and silent auction. It’s what we’re all about and your great flies are always a big draw. We need your used ones also to go into the fleece band on our traditional fly fishers’ hat in the silent auction. Whatever else you can donate will greatly help the cause. Call me anytime to coordinate donation pickup. Thank you to all of you that have donated so far and thank you in advance to those that will; we need you.

Because of our great team of volunteer members working diligently with the community, this great event is coming together very nicely. If you can help before or during the event please call and get on the list.

Please also review our other updates, registration information, and donation request letters sent to you in earlier e-mails. You may go online to to review most in Bryan’s Notes and to register and/or pay by card ahead of our April 28 RSVP deadline. You must register so we have prime rib counts for our final set up for this historic day and evening MVFF club and community event.

Also watch our Fb page for new postings there as well.
Thank you all for your support, more soon, and call me anytime, Bryan. 208-934-6405