Magic Valley Fly Fishers August 28, 2021, Update

Magic Valley Fly Fishers August 28, 2021 Fall Update

Good Morning.

This is to let everyone know that the consensus of the Board and many other members questioned is to NOT MEET INDOORS SEPT, OCT, & NOV. and continue to evaluate our regional Covid risk level for our December Christmas party.

Fly fishing and other outside activities are being reviewed and planned as we can. We will send out specific information on these and other club work that continues to go on in background.

Our club is strong and functioning while we are working hard at adapting for 2021 and beyond. Health, water, weather, family, work and school commitments and complexities prevail.

Thank you to all of you that gave me your views on this hard decision.

Please use our growing Fb group page for better public communication among ourselves and with the broader Magic Valley Fly Fishing community.

Please also call, text or e-mail me anytime with your inputs that are very much needed and greatly appreciated. We must fish together (well spaced) or we will surely fish separately!

Bryan Woodhouse.