Magic Valley Fly Fishers June 10, 2020 Update

Good Evening.

MVFF will have a fly tying & club evening Wednesday, July 1, 5-9p.m, Mountain View Barn, Jerome

  • If I receive 10 or more RSVP’s by 6/29 we will have burgers, beer, salads and snacks.
  • Anyone can bring a rod and do casting on the lawn as a summer evening awaits.
  • Sharing tying materials, tips & tricks, and other fly fishing findings facilitates fun.

This and all future updates & events will be posted on the front page of our website.

No further e-mails will be broadcast.

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Un-paid members from 2019 & 2018 will receive renewal reminders.

The “Contact Us” function on the website is active with reply time variable.

Please text or call me at 208-934-6405 for best response to questions, volunteering, or ideas for MVFF’s future.