Magic Valley Fly Fishers March 21, 2021

Dues for $35/yr. are now payable online, by check in the mail to P.O. Box 1037 T.F.I. 83303 or cash, check or square at meetings and events. Members area on the website is still in development. More on website and newsletter evolution soon, watch this space. Our MVFF Facebook page is working better and better.

  • This Wednesday’s opening meeting had a good turn out with lots of interest, enthusiasm, great speakers and really good St. Patrick’s Day dinner for our first meeting in over one year.
  • Our IDFG presenters Mike Peterson, fisheries manager and Joe Thiessen, fisheries biologist for our region had a lot of great activities and projects to talk with us about that included:
    • MVFF is asked to help next Tue. 3-23 at Riley Pond Hagerman and Thur. 3-25 at Freedom Pond Burley 11am-2pm with the first two Kids Free Take-Me-Fishing Days for 2021 during spring break from school. Just show up wearing your MVFF hats and shirts and help Chris get these new fisher folk into having fun catching fish. This starts the program again after almost a year of not normal for the kids.
    • MVFF is asked to help by us catching fish with IGFG for tagging at Billingsley Creek in late April or early May. Data is a first step in the sampling and stream work needed to re-establish it as a notable area fishery. Watch your e-mails for days-times-signups and more stream work info coming soon.
    • Bag limit and specific regulations comment period is open with Mike and Joe, and they ask us all to call them at the office at 208-324-4359 or e-mail them at [email protected] or [email protected] . They want to hear your detailed input on where, why and how changes you suggest will benefit our fisheries as well as your other ideas to sustain and improve quality, availability and access on our local waters. Much work is needed on our streams and lakes and we need to help in any and all ways we can.
    • Ongoing work at Murtaugh Lake, Millner, Salmon Falls, Bruneau Dunes and others were also discussed.


• A free fishing day at the Clear Lakes Country Club Pay Pond is in the works. Fish to 23” are being caught as it has been recently stocked with 5k# of large fish from over stocked hatcheries like many other waters. More details, sign-up and possible workdays with them to improve access and fishability will follow here.

Our major focus now is the new Saturday April 17 First Family & Friends Fly Fishing Fun Day all around the Mountain View Barn. The initial flier is attached as is our especially important manual-fill-out planning form. We really need all of you to read in detail, fill out and send back so we can know who, what and how we will be able make this a great day for all. I have attempted to make it easy by listing most of the fly fishing categories that make our pastime so much fun. Please pick something you love talking about and showing others to bring us all together outside at the Barn playing with all our toys! We are getting good feedback so far and we hope for a good turnout. With the Barn having space that is great for parking drift boat trailers and the lawn for casting, fly fishing gear swap, u-boats, pontoons, tables with all kinds of demos and the patio for the great food available, how can we go wrong!!?? We are working on more days later in the spring and summer to keep interest building and momentum up. We need your input as soon as possible with Monday, April 5 (the day after Easter) our deadline to know who’s doing and bringing what and how to finish planning. I will be working on a PSA of some type for local media, Mike has the Facebook page working well and other links will be looked at to try to get not only new and family members, but community interest and attendance up too. It will not only rejuvenate our club but us in the process. Our new normal will be more outside fishing and doing as we get back to the future. Give me as many ideas and things you want to do and see as you can. Follow the directions on the form & send it back.

    • All previous officers and board members are especially encouraged to come and participate with your families and bring those fishing buddies that have never joined. They still don’t have to join but we need to see if they actually exist??
    • New members and folks you know that have wanted to come to our monthly weeknight meetings but can’t because of kids and work—this and “these” Saturdays for you and are meant to encourage new fly fishing family fun.
    • This isn’t meant to be a “nano expo”, just a fun day to bring our toys and show the other kids why it’s fun to fling flies furiously for fabulous fish. Film at five!?



Bryan, 208-934-6405