Magic Valley Fly Fishers November 14, 2021, Update

Good afternoon.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.

No Christmas party will be held this year due to health concerns and the resulting low turnout estimated from the input we have received.

If you want to lead a fish-out in the weeks ahead please call me.

Our MVFF History Project Team met Tue. 11-9-21 and is putting together a great plan. Dr. Russ Tremayne, Professor Emeritus of History at CSI, is our consultant and mentor with many years of teaching oral history and production of notable local works. He is highly enthusiastic and eager to proceed with our endeavor.
Cindy & Rob Danielson, David Erickson, Steve Hoy, Fred Schneiter and I make up our MVFF core team. More soon on our process and the key parts you will all play. Your knowledge and stories of fly fishing in Southern Idaho and the characters that all played their roles will make this a fun and worthwhile project.

Officer and Board election materials will follow by the end of the month. We still need volunteers. We especially need folks on our 50th anniversary team. Jan, Feb, Mar, & April third Wednesdays, as well as our Saturday April 30 party, are all booked at the Barn. We hope conditions will allow our monthly meetings to resume by then in as normal a fashion as possible and our anniversary celebration to be memorable.

Again, have a great holiday season with family and close friends.
More soon and call/text me anytime.
Bryan Woodhouse—Acting President and Secretary, 2021. 208-934-6405