Magic Valley Fly Fisher September 2022 – State of Our Club


STATE-OF-OUR-CLUB September 27, 2022

Your current officers and board members here tonight will each give you their views on the state of our club and their visions of fall and spring needs, directions and activities over this next year.

We need your ideas and help to continue monthly meetings with speakers, our history project, fly casting and tying with kids and new folks, IDFG projects, fly tying times, fishouts and other things picking up speed again.

We must have different folks fill officer, board and committee positions to fulfill our bylaws, business requirements, goals and desires through 2023 and beyond. We need new visions, experience, ideas and

workers to get back to doing more to help us all learn more and enjoy fly fishing with all it has to offer. A new President and Secretary are required now that we’re returning to more normal activities status, and because you have had to put up with me for FAR TOO LONG. Extraordinary times have changed.
I will help & advise as Past President– NOT as Permanent President. Snicker-snicker!
Greg Edgar has graciously agreed to stay on as our Treasurer as we all appreciate.

Our bylaws addressing officers, board positions and committees are available by e-mail on request and here at our opening meeting. There is flexibility in how we structure who does what, but the tasks must get done for our club to continue. Officers and board members take on committee leaderships if no other members fill those needed roles as only a few of us are doing now. It must be spread among more members to lessen the load on each and maintain continuity in our operations and in meeting our goals. The more we work together the easier it will be to keep MVFF alive and well and moving ahead into our next fifty years fly fishing as we preserve, promote, enhance and educate to perpetuate our sport. We are lucky to have new and returning members with incredible experience and skills in all areas where we need help. This should be fun in our sport, not work.

Officer and board election is typically in November so we need to fill our slate of candidates by early November to have our election for 2023 on schedule. If required, however, it could be done December 17 at the Christmas dinner also serving as a Special Meeting for that purpose with seven (7) days prior notice.
We want to do what you all want with your guidance and help. Getting our meetings at the Barn grows more difficult as their business grows and as we attempt to increase our attendance with different days of the week and month to fit more of your schedules. Our active participation is essential. So, sign up here tonight!!

Thank you all for your support to keep this fun old fly fishing club going strong. See you on the water!!
Bryan S. Woodhouse, President & Secretary, 2022. Call or text anytime, 208-934-56705.