MVFF May 2021 Meeting Announcement

Our next meeting will be 5 to 9 p.m. next Wednesday May 19 at the Mountain View Barn. We invite you to come to hear, see and discuss our work with IDFG and their tagging fish on Billingsley Creek and other projects ahead. We will also show some of our fun Saturday April 15th that was well attended on that cool, breezy but sunny day. We want your input, help and ideas for other spring, summer and fall activities, classes, workshops, work-days with IDFG and fish-outs being considered. Signups will be available. We also want to hear the terrific trip tales from your fly fishing over the last months. Bring your thumb drives to share a few of your adventures with us. Bring your kit and tie some flies too if you like as we always look forward to having folks tie. More soon and call me anytime. Bryan 208-934-6405