MVFF Sunday, March 27, 2022, Update & 50th Anniversary News

MVFF Sunday, March 27, 2022, Update & 50th Anniversary News
Good afternoon Magic Valley Fly Fishers on what may be our warmest day of 2022!

Fish are hitting and winds are light as we move closer to our big day Saturday, April 30th ,
(just 5 weeks from yesterday) celebrating our last great 50 years flinging flies for fun and frivolity.
Our website pay-on-line feature is active, and the Registration form is there and attached here. More details on the daytime activities 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the evening dinner from 5-9 are on the form and below, with additional information coming in other updates and in our poster now coming together.

We’ve been working hard to bring in a few new head, round up our strays, and keep our main herd happy, well fed and close to the Barn. That seems to be working again with a really great Barn!

Our first meeting in almost a year on March 16 was well attended with a super fly tying and techniques presentation by Glenn Buscher, a great history project update by Dr. Russ Tremayne, and an interesting presentation and update by Mike Peterson of our Magic Valley IDFG on their upcoming work, projects and the changes currently underway.

One highly notable change at IDFG, that we as a club could not be happier about, is the appointment of our own Tucker Brauer as the new fisheries biologist for our region! While we will miss Joe Theisen a lot, we are glad he got a great chance to move up to the Clearwater and at the same time we get to have Tucker come back home!! A great day for the fish and fly fishers as well as the Department here where we always need as much good fisheries help as possible.

Welcome Tucker.

Magic Valley Fly Fishers’ history is coming together nicely with our project to document where all our folks have been and their stories of how they did it and how we got here today.

This history will be just one of the features of our Saturday April 30 celebration along with casting & tying demonstrations and hands on opportunities for community folks to try their hand and get hooked on our sport, not the hooks!

Other kindred groups like The Nature Conservancy, Audubon, Idaho Department of Fish & Game, and others that champion, preserve, protect and enhance our natural world will also be there. Our purpose is to educate and encourage their facets of our goals to promote fly fishing, fisheries and fly fishing opportunities for our generation and the many more still to come.

We want our community, as well as our members, to experience the many aspects of and interactions with our Southern Idaho aquatic, riparian and terrestrial world that fly fishing takes us to. It is the foundation that allows fly fishing to be all that it can be for all.

Thank you to all that are currently working hard on all this and those that have already volunteered to help as we define what is specifically needed. We really appreciate your expertise in helping your club make this milestone. Our teams are really getting busy now with the details and here is how you can help.

1. Call us if you will help getting donations for our silent auctions and other fundraising we desperately need to keep us afloat, or at least wading upright!! Our fundraising grant/donation request letter and the letter asking kindred groups to consider attending/donating are attached. Use either as appropriate or contact me if a granting or donating group wants something else. Please let us know who you are contacting so we can track and thank those donating. I put a lot into these letters this year. After the last two years, it looks like almost as bad a donation drought as the previous years’ water worries! We hope neither are that dry over the next weeks and need to recharge our $$ aquafers as well as our groundwater supplies to keep our club and our fish for future fun. We have a few great hosted outings and a casting clinic so far, but most of our big past donors–aren’t!

  1. Our team will be calling as they get counts on how many folks they need where, to do what, exactly when.
  2. Watch, look and listen for our Community Calendar Events listings, radio and television spots, electronic marques and posters around the Magic Valley in the days ahead.
  3. Call us anytime with your ideas and suggestions on how we can make this the greatest event possible.

This is a celebration of our Magic Valley Fly Fishers Club’s 50 years of fly fishing successes, what that has meant to all of us, our region, and what we want it to be to keep our local fly fishing progressing into the decades ahead. This isn’t a mini fly fishing expo, but if this works & we get the resources, it may be next time.

Bryan. 208-934-6405