Magic Valley Fly Fishers July 9, 2020 Update

Our group activities will remain mothballed now through Labor Day, September 7 with our next evaluation posted the end of that week.

Please believe this “viral” pandemic is very serious, is here for many more months and is getting much worse even here in our area. It is essential you protect your community, yourself and those close to you as no one else will or can. With cases in Idaho and the Twin Falls area spiking higher than ever and continuing to increase daily, our group’s nonessential fun activities must continue to be redirected as we each determine those things appropriate for our increasingly complex and changing personal schedules.

Please go to channel’s July 7, 5:48 p.m. Kim Fields’ interview with Dr. David Pate, retired CEO at St. Luke’s and member of Idaho’s Coronavirus Task Force who is sheltering in place and believes: “things are actually more dangerous now than they were back in March and April” and why he thinks they are. Also see KTVB’s most up to date local data. Google these following topics for good links to new data/papers/traceability on asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread as well as those on true aerosol as well as droplet COVID-19 routes of infection.

I am including my March 10 position update here next for perspective and reference as it is not in the archived listings.

Stay safe, fish lots out in the wide open, and call or text me with your ideas at 208-934-6405.

Bryan Woodhouse-President & Secretary.

Link: MVFF March 10, 2020 Position Statement.pdf