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Club News and other “Windknots” for July & August on July 27, 2023.

27 Jul 2023 1:47 PM | Anonymous

Good Morning Magic Valley Fly Fishers    

Club News and other “Windknots” for July & August on July 27, 2023.

Way too much good stuff happening to get to it all here, but here is some to start.


fun night is this coming week on APRIL-oops-August 1, 5-9 pm. at the Mountain View Barn with burgers, salads and beverages. These evenings are growing and help us have more quality club time together as well as tie flies. Bring whatever knot tying,  rod building, net building or other ideas you want to get going on these nights too. A “friendly” cribbage game isn’t out of the question!

We’ll have a short board meeting with however many board members can make it while the fly tires are setting up and getting folks tying.  We want you all to come, learn about, and get involved in all that’s underway. Please come and give YOUR BOARD your ideas on how we can do all the upcoming activities WITH YOUR HELP!  

These include:

Club family fly fishing outings.  A minimum RSVP # will be required for all longer trips.

Saturday, August 19, 2023, on the Big Wood River is our next scheduled club fishing day. Our outing leaders will decide the details and meeting location on the river at our August 1 evening meeting or shortly thereafter. Our main meeting location, with ample parking and other details, will reference the access point numbers as designated on the Blane County Big Wood River Fishing Access maps available at all our meetings and at Idaho Troutfitters. This info and the minimum number of SOLIDLY COMMITTED RSVPs we must have by Wednesday August 16 to allow this trip to happen will be posted on our Facebook page and new website with contact #’s.  Watch there too for info updates should they arise.

Saturday, September 16, 2023, on the South Fork of the Boise River is our September fish-out. The final planning will occur in early September and be published as described above with references to appropriate Benchmark Maps book location information and will also include RSVP #’s needed by 9/13/23. Saturday, October 14, 2023, is MVFF free fly fishing at Clear Lakes Country Club-CLCC- in Buhl.

Saturday, November 18, 2023, is our Fly Fishers & Friends Fall Fun Prime Rib Party at the Barn 5-9 pm.  More on this is discussed below.

Saturday, December 16, 2023, is a warm winter MVFF free fly fishing day with big fish at CLCC.

Our new MVFF website is up and running {still} and has much still to be added, but we want you all to use it and give us your input as WE evolve it over these next weeks into what we want it to look like and have the functions you want for our club. Greg built this single handedly (no spay!!) over this last month and it gives us the platform and tools to make it work the way we want it over the next months and years. Thanks a billion Greg!!

One of our new features Greg already has active is your ability to “register” (RSVP) on an event like those above and that helps us all in making things happen.

Talkin’ & Tyin’ Tuesdays will be fun, functional and growing 8/1; 9/12; 10/3; 11/7;& 12/5/2023.

Ya all come, ya hear?

Saturday, November 18, 2023, is our Fly Fishers & Friends Fall Fun Prime Rib Party at the Barn 5-9 pm.  that is only 114 days away from today, so mark you calendars if you haven’t already!! All the fine details are in process and will be sent out & posted soon so all can plan to make it a great evening.

It is also time for all of us to seek donations of all kinds to ensure great raffles and silent auctions. Let’s get back to the old days of flowers on the table for the ladies and lots of cool and interesting prizes of all types as well as fly fishing related goodies.  The donations world has changed with our large donors of the past gone. That increases the need for all of our members to get creative and seek donations whenever you go to a craft show, farmers’ market, and entice all your friends and relatives to do the same so we can replenish our till at our raffles. For now that is the only way to continue our scholarships, conservation group donations and allow us to get out and spread the pleasures and rewards of fly fishing to new folks and next generations of conservationist fly fishing friends.

General Meetings will be resuming for September and October with dates & details to be determined and posted on the calendar on the website and on Fb.

Thank you for your continued support for and interest in MVFF.

More soon, call/text me anytime 208-934-6405 and see you Tuesday at the Barn.

Bryan Woodhouse, Secretary & Past President, 2023.

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