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Club News October 31, 2023

31 Oct 2023 12:41 AM | Bryan Woodhouse (Administrator)

Magic Valley Fly Fishers October 2023 Club News.                   Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween

President’s Message for October.

Hello all,

Fall is here.  That is great for the fishing but I always have mixed emotions.  After fall comes winter.  I love fishing in the winter but just don't get much of it done.  I have been out a bit lately but would always like to get more time on the water.  I was looking forward to fall for the schedule to slow down a bit but so far it hasn't, so have to fit that fishing in when we can.  

As for fall activities, there are still a couple of fish outs to get on.  There is also the banquet to get ready and have.  Then there are the holidays.  There is definitely enough to keep us all busy, as everyone knows.  We have already been talking about the next year and what we are going to do.  Now is the time to let us know if you have ideas for the club.  We are hoping to expand on the fish-outs and spread the love. Be on the lookout for news on those with locations and if you want to host one or want to fish a specific place, please let me know.

We are hoping to do some fundraising in the early spring or late winter.  Nothing is final yet but keep your eyes peeled for events.  As always, we are looking for speakers at the meeting and any suggestions will be appreciated.

Lastly, keep an eye on the Facebook page and feel free to chat and post about your fishing trips and let's see if we can get some impromptu gatherings.  That would be a lot of fun for everyone even if they cannot attend.  Good chats and discussions can be had.  I am going to keep it short this time but hope everyone is getting a few (fish that is).  Tight lines everyone and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.  

James Harper, President, 2023.  mvff208@gmail.com208-961-0850

One week from tonight, November 7, is our Talkin’ & Tyin’ Tuesday evening at the Barn and our Board of Directors and Fall Party Team meeting.

The following was handed out as a signup at our general meeting on October 19.

“Please work with your board by phone & text, email and our in-person team. Our plan is as follows:

Oct. 19 through Nov. 6 texts & e-mail actions including but not limited to advertising, donations collection and organizing & party day organization and logistics.

Nov. 7, Tue. Tying, board meeting and in-person Party Team meeting at the Barn. Donations brought in then can be sorted and organized for raffles and silent auditions ahead of the party.

Nov. 8 through Fri. Nov. 17phone, text & e-mail actions / completions.

Sat. Nov. 18, 12 noon to 3:00set up by the team at the Barn.

Sat. Nov. 18, 4:30 team back & ready for our doors to open at 5:00.

Please call/text Bryan at 208-934-6405 to get you going with our team to put this party together.

You can also e-mail me at  or Please also text me if you send me an email.”

Saturday, November 18, 2023, is our Fly Fishers & Friends Fall Party & Prime Rib Banquet at the Barn, 5-9 pm, with only 18 more days to go!!  Please go to the website and register and pay now if you haven’t already!! All the details are there for another exceptional Mountain View Barn prime rib dinner with all the sides and desserts as well as the bio and links to our speaker Mr. Nate Brumley of Dry Fly Innovations in Meridian. Please call Bryan at 208-934-6405 if you have any questions or issues with registering or paying online or if you need to mail a check or pay at the door as we must have meal counts by Tuesday, November 14.


We must all continue to seek donations of all kinds to ensure great raffles and silent auctions. Let’s get back to the old days of flowers on the table for the ladies and lots of cool and interesting prizes of all types as well as great fly fishing related goodies.  The donations world has changed with our large donors of the past all gone. That increases the need for all our members to get creative and seek donations whenever or go to a craft show, farmers’ market, and entice all your friends and relatives to do the same so we can replenish our till at our raffles.

Building back our reserves is needed again and is the only way to continue our scholarships, conservation group donations and ongoing activities. We must keep our goal of education of fly fishing to all that are interested and allow us to spread the pleasures and rewards of fly fishing to new folks and next generations of conservationist fly fishing friends.

Costs have increased many fold.  If we want to get back to doing projects in riparian habitat restoration & maintenance and fisheries, as well as landowner access improvements with IDFG and others as we have done in the past, we need new and additional funding support. 

Consult your company and others about donations and sustaining support contributions to our type of recreation and natural resource education based non-profit organization that provides both youth and adults a long tradition of new and interesting ways to get out, fly fish, learn entomology, and do it in our Southern Idaho Outdoors and beyond.

There’s still Time to Volunteer.  

Our election of officers and board members is typically held each November so we need to fill our slate of candidates by early November and publish it after our November 7 meeting to have our election for 2024 on schedule at the Fall Party on Saturday, 11-18.

Three of this year’s board members cannot serve next year due to work, family and other commitments and we need members to help with the work of making club activities happen.

Our current officers are weighing their options with lots of ideas for our club and want yours too.

We would like new officers too who can help get the work done and so we can have a real election with more than one candidate for each office. What a concept!? We’re burning out & up.

We want to do what you all want with your guidance and help. Getting our meetings at the Barn grows more difficult as their business grows and as we hope to increase our attendance and fit more of your schedules. Your active participation is essential. We continue to need more folks to take on tasks to get the club work done to keep activities happening. Please contact any of us by Tuesday November 7.

Officers & Board of Directors & Phone #’s.

President-N_______________#__________: Vice President-N__________#____________ Secretary-N_______________#_________ : Board Member-N__________#____________ 

Committees needing leaders and members:

Casting, N___________________#_____________:

Tying, N_____________________#_____________:

Meetings, N___________________#_____________:

Membership, N___________________#_____________:

Website & FB, N___________________#_____________:

Projects & Conservation, N___________________#_____________:

Fishouts-Outings & Special Events, N___________________#_____________:

Fundraising-Scholarships & Promotion. N______________________#_____________:  

Other Important Information & Dates.

2024 Membership Duesare payable now online or by check by mail to Box 1037 T, F, I. 83303 or at the meetings by cash, check or square and if you pay before the end of this year it is $35 that goes to $45 in 2024. What a deal!!

Vice President Fred Schneiter reports a great turnout of folks at the fishouts at Clear Lakes Country Club days and on the Big Wood River at Stanton Crossing with the numbers of members fishing in the teens and fish in the 20’s-both numbers and lengths (or more)!!

Board member Chris Foster, that is our liaison with and volunteers for IDFG, reminds us all to check the fishing regulations for closures on some of our waters starting November 1, others December 1 and take regulations change now also to catch & release on several of our waters locally. Also call Parks & Waterways, and Parks & Recreation and BLM for Quagga Mussel access restrictions that are now in flux.  Also, the boat launch at Twin Falls Dam Idaho Power Park is undergoing major construction and has closures also.

Board member Brenda Weekes, that is also working on the Jerome County Park trail project on the Snake, says the trail work and river crossing will be finishing in the next few weeks.

December 5 is our Talkin’ & Tyin’ Tuesday evening at the Barn, HO-HO-HO.

December 16, Saturday is our winter (hopefully warm) Club fish out at Clear Springs Country Club Lake in Buhl and is free to all paid club members.  


Thank you all for your support.  See you soon.

Bryan S. Woodhouse, Secretary & Past President, 2023. Call or text anytime, 208-934-6405.

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